Pathlab understands the customers’ need for convenience in conducting testing sample services. Pathlab provides home sampling services with a team of professional technicians, aiming to provide the best experience for customers:


  • Technicians arrive on time to collect samples, minimizing waiting time.
  • Convenient
  • Technicians come to the location to collect samples, allowing customers to optimize their free time for testing.


The sampling and sample preservation process follows medical standards, with modern testing equipment. PATHLAB commits to providing accurate test results.


Avoid cross-infection when going to crowded places for sampling.

Reasonable Cost

Supporting costs for customers, minimizing additional expenses.

Procedure for registering to use home sampling services

  1. Schedule appointment
    • Contact hotline 0938 909 630 to make an appointment.
    • Customers only need to provide necessary information as guided by the consultant.
  2. Sampling at the location
    • Technicians contact to confirm the appointment.
    • Technicians proceed to collect samples at home.
  3. Testing and result delivery
    • Technicians preserve samples according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.
    • Perform testing and deliver results as requested by the customer.
  4. Result consultation
    Doctors will provide advice on health status, nutrition, and related information for each customer based on the test results (*)
    (*) According to the customer’s advisory needs


Take samples at home

    Lấy mẫu tại nhà